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Red Badge Initiative

Client: Red Badge Initiative

Services: Activism

RED BADGE INITIATIVE - Zero To Hero Activist Campaign

How to make a grassroot activist campaign with no funding to grow in numbers and make a change in the local community? It’s simple. Be creative!

The client

This citizen initiative fights for the right to healthy living and clean air. It is an honest reaction of people in the area of ​​enormously polluted air (Smederevo, Serbia). Over the course of a few years it became a recognizable channel for advocating solutions to other environmental challenges, such as poor waste management, both in Smederevo and outside of it.

The need

The Red Badge Initiative needed a full visual identity and digital concept presence. This informal group of passionate people wanted to deal with major environmental issues. Strive and energy was there, but they had no idea how to generate public interest from scratch.

The solution

We developed the brand image around a simple red badge symbol - color of the polluted air notification in this community. This gave them the visualisation of their protest. Complete campaign digital strategy was developed to introduce the problem to the public, both with offline activity. The campaign gained local and national recognition with the viral performance “223: More than a Number” that we organised in front of the Municipality. We laid 223 pairs of various shoes with names, symbolizing the number of deaths per year in this community that are associated with air pollution. With no budget, this initiative was recognised in digital and general media with national level of presence.


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