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Outlier Jets

Client: Outlier Jets

Services: Private Aviation Services

OUTLIER JETS - Answering the Existential

The constant pursuit of success always brings us back to the fundamental question of identity. Defining the essence of Outlier Jets was crucial in establishing a direct connection with their client's unique lifestyles. This posed a challenge to uncover "the outliers of Outlier Jets" and the company's brand image.

The client

Outlier Jets is a private aviation company offering individuals and corporations access to private aircraft through personalized jet card programs and charter services. The company nurtures ongoing communication and interaction with its clients and focuses intently on the member’s experience.

The need

The company faced low brand awareness, a disbalance between its service offerings and brand image, a weak digital presence, a lack of communication with the market, and intense competition with well-established reputations. This raised a question on how to represent Outlier's services and products, enhancing the overall brand image. The essential products and services to be promoted include the private jet cards program, aircraft acquisition, empty leg notification, and advisory services. These four offerings should embody specific Outlier values that distinguish the company from its competitors.

out•li•er: (n) someone who stands apart from the crowd...

The solution

To connect and communicate with clients, we developed a strategy based on three core values - live, meet, and care. These values served as the foundation for all communication, presenting more than just services. The first value focused on members and their lifestyles, the second aimed to build a community, and the third was a post-covid customer support system. Everything, including the Outlier team, Outlier advisory, and Outlier home, was branded to reflect these values. The company was rebranded through its people, focusing on its leaders to communicate a human touch and connect with the "outliers." Our strategy involved digital brand reinvention, incorporating content, inbound, social media marketing, advertising, and retargeting.


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