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Client: MABAA

Services: Non-profit Private Aviation Association

MEBAA - Unfolding the Great Potential

MEBAA (Middle East & North Africa Business Aviation Association) is a non-profit platform for members of the business aviation industry in the MENA region. We’ve helped them implement a comprehensive marketing strategy that will change the market perception and introduce the benefits for their members.

The client

MEBAA was established in 2006 with the mission to provide a platform for members of the business aviation industry in the MENA region and to gather, understand, and communicate the needs and benefits of the industry. They provide best-in-practice workshops/training, conferences, and shows, establish codes of conduct and offer industry data.

The need

MEBAA was famous for its airshows, among the world's most significant bizav events. MEBAA as an organization became over shined. The brand needed the upgrade to a level where MEBAA products became a daily part of their business. They needed to be recognized as a critical factor for bizav world development, not just as show organizers.

The solution

We helped MEBAA to increase its digital and media presence by developing and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy. First, we focused on growing visibility by building a large online community, creating unique daily content and running daily social media activities. With a minimal social media budget, we could increase the online community by 100% and media reach by 300%. Additionally, we introduced a 365-day event marketing system to promote events; redesigned their online platform with an entire online community and business plan; developed new products, and upgraded the member benefits with a CRM solution for easy information gathering and processing.
As a result, the MEBAA membership system is now fully digitalized, operational, and online.


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