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Client: Kinestas

Services: Electronic & Electrical Engineering

KINESTAS - Translating the Scientific

With a Ph.D. and MSc background, Kinestas was well-equipped to handle present and future technical challenges. However, their communication skills with clients needed some help.

The client

Kinestas is a technology company with strong competence in power converters and drives. They provide advanced solutions in power electronics and electrical machines for high-performance applications with multidisciplinary know-how in power semiconductors, electronics, electrical machines, passives, control, embedded programming, and in-depth system knowledge.

The need

Communication and visualization of the Kinestas technology were extremely technological and expert oriented. It was important for their innovative concepts in the field of electrical machines and power converter technologies to be more approachable and client level headed.

The solution

We've combined practical product communication with educational elements in our new digital storyboard and company presence. Our refreshed visual identity accurately showcases the company's industry position and innovative spirit. With this presentation, Kinestas is poised for a future of global impact.


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