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Client: KAX Holdings LLC

Services: Travel Experts

KAX LIFESTYLE - Root Branding

Everything starts with ONE. One man. One idea. Kyle had a clear vision of creating a travel and lifestyle advisory company that cherished by clients for its transparency, sincerity, and thrustworthy relationship. All we had to do was follow his vision and help him develop the future KAX lifestyle brand.

The client

Kyle Seltzer, the traveler and lifestyle curator, envisioned KAX based on the exciting idea of overseeing travel management for a divergent, up-and-coming vacation narrative: a more authentic, adventurous, active, and locally focused experience.

The need

Transforming life’s adventure into business is challenging in every way. First, Kyle needed complete brand development, translating his vision and personal style into a travel organisation that customizes vacations and sets a journey of transformative experiences in motion. The goal was also to create a brand around Kyle so that, in the end, KAX could become a brand itself. The KAX brand will adopt the personality of Kyle, after which it will grow in both team and clients sharing the same values with the brand.

The solution

The strategy was to present KAX as a luxury bespoke travel service that offers custom-made, tailored trips to each client. Enjoy. Explore. Experience (E3). This formula helped us communicate clearly the spirit of the brand. Unlike automated services, KAX dedicates time to understanding each client's unique needs and preferences to create a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable journey. As a result, KAX's services are not repeated or sold as experiences for other customers. Still, they are created through conversation and investment of time and care in every detail. We engaged in media interests and philantorpy to communicate this message and generate awareness. The content strategy focused on storytelling, education, and inspiration to introduce KAX as the company that differentiates itself inside the luxury travel industry, investing time and care in each adne every journey.


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