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Client: IASO

Services: Non-profit aviation organisation

IASO - Focusing the Spotlight

How to gain credibility and be recognised in a specific industry? We answered this question for IASO - the one place where aviation services can bolster their business and position in the general aviation industry.

The client

International Aviation Services Organisation (IASO) is a non-profit aviation services organisation registered in Sweden and Canada with its HQ in Geneva (Switzerland). Their main objective is to organise, educate, and improve the aviation services industry by speaking with one voice for all IASO industry members worldwide.

The need

IASO was facing a unique challenge as a specialized aviation association. While their niche is small, competition from other industry associations is fierce. With limited room for growth, maintaining a high conversion rate and retention rate among their member companies was critical for them. Expanding their membership pool is their consistent goal since a lack of members can negatively impact their credibility in the industry. The challenge was solidifying the organisation's identity through long-term goals and systems.

The solution

To retain members, we implemented a retention strategy that includes ongoing communication and benefits that are relevant to their needs. We developed a targeted marketing campaign highlighting the organisation's unique benefits and services to find new members. Creating a clear unique value proposition, precise communication plan and content strategy were crucial for the campaign's success. By implementing a daily communication strategy, rebranding and creating high-quality educational content, IASO attracted new members, engaged with current ones, and retained them for the long term.


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