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Client: DataFlux

Services: Big Data AI

DataFlux - Humanizing the AI

In the realm of AI innovation, DataFlux GmbH emerged as pioneers, brimming with domain-specific knowledge. However, this reservoir of wisdom often befuddled potential clients. The task at hand was clear: translate these groundbreaking AI solutions into a comprehensible online presentation, and bridging the gap between complex AI expertise and accessible, user-friendly digital communication.

The client

DataFlux GmbH was born with a singular goal: innovation. Their focus was accumulating domain-specific knowledge and training AI models with it. The result? Preserving invaluable collective knowledge, ensuring it stays within the company, and benefits clients with efficiency and continuity, even when employees change roles.

The need

DataFlux faced two core challenges. Their website didn't accurately represent them as a big data software company. It needed clearer product introductions and an "about" section, while team presentation and blog content needed realignment. A simpler, user-friendly design was also sought. Their limited digital presence affected visibility and potential partnerships, especially in Western markets. To attract great partnerships, build reliability, and control its brand image, DataFlux needed a stronger online presence through active social media engagement.

The solution

Our foremost goal was to renovate the website, ensuring it delivers a clear message about DF’s profile, products, expertise, and most importantly, the brilliant idea behind it. Their past reluctance towards social media had to change with the evolving landscape. Recognizing the influence of millennials and the need for a modern image, we've developed a Boost Visibility strategy. This includes creating a Media Plan, enhancing content production, and fostering robust social media engagement. This effort assures that DataFlux isn't just a virtual entity but a real company with real people.


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