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Client: Carboneon

Services: Musical instruments manufacturing

CARBONEON - Designing the Music Future

We spun the brand strategy rapidly to disclose a distinctive Swiss-made label that is Carboneon. Launching a unique and revolutionary product demanded a complete marketing strategy and brand identity that would help establish a new global leader for professional accordion manufacturers.

The client

Carboneon is a Swiss start-up company bringing together preeminent professional musicians who have affiliated their experience with the world's top-class engineers, designers, and physicians' to produce the world's lightest entirely professional carbon accordion.

The need

The start-up needed a brand strategy and digital presentation to help them introduce their product to their clients and potential partners. We had only one product to work with, creating a brand from scratch.

The solution

We designed a strategy for an innovative start-up project focusing on building a solid and consistent brand identity. It leveraged digital channels to increase visibility, attract customers, and build a community around the brand. The strategy included developing a comprehensive brand guide. The website effectively showcases the company's products or services. It uses social media platforms to interact with customers and increase brand awareness. The goal was to communicate the company's unique value proposition and differentiate itself in the market. At the same time, we were building a strong online presence for them to have a position before introducing the product to future partners and customers.


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