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Camber Aviation

Client: Camber Aviation Management

Services: Jet completion management

Camber Aviation Management - Brand Refurbished

In the heart of Canada, Camber Aviation Management soared with its expertise in corporate jet completion and refurbishment management. However, hidden within the clouds of its accomplishments, Camber faced a unique conundrum. This tale unveils their journey from the shadows of limited online visibility to the radiant heights of a redefined brand image and digital presence.

The client

Camber Aviation Management, based in Canada, specializes in corporate jet completion and refurbishment management for clients worldwide. Their expertise spans green aircraft acceptance, cabin design, engineering, fabrication, certification, and final delivery.

The need

The Camber conundrum introduced multiple challenges, including limited online visibility, a lack of information about their niche service (completion management), the need for detailed explanations, no social media presence, an underperforming website, an inability to showcase their portfolio, and fierce competition overshadowing their expertise.

The solution

Our approach involved a three-pronged strategy: crafting an extensive marketing plan, redefining the brand image, and boosting online visibility and engagement. We concentrated on forging a digital identity centered on exceptional service and professionalism, ultimately transforming Camber's online presence. With the minimum social media budget, we’ve managed to increase the online community by 500% and media reach by 150%.


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