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Alta Pay Group

Client: Alta Pay Group

Services: Financial Services

Alta Pay Group - Innovating Finance Social Media

In the world of finance, where credibility is king, creativity is the crown jewel that sets one apart. Alta Pay Group, well-versed in traditional financial communication, found themselves in a sea of similarity. To rise above the waves of convention, they invited creativity to the helm.

The client

Established a decade ago, Alta Pay Group is a leading payment institution in the Serbian financial market. With a network of over 2,500 branch offices and strategic partnerships with banks and global companies, they provide a wide range of financial services, including money transfers, gold selling, tax return assistance, and microcredits.

The need

In the conservative financial industry, Alta Pay Group sought a dynamic social media presence and a creative content approach to set them apart from competitors. They aimed to demonstrate the advantages of joining their vast network of 2,500+ branch offices uniquely, making it essential to break away from traditional financial messaging and appeal to both current and prospective clients through innovative means.

The solution

To fulfill Alta Pay Group's need for a creative edge in the financial industry, we developed a comprehensive strategy with social media content planning, innovative campaign management, and striking design elements. We elevated their online presence with extensive video production and strategically deployed reels to captivate the audience. Additionally, we undertook a complete overhaul of their visual identity tailored for social media, ensuring their message resonates effectively and stands out in the digital landscape.


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