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May, 2020

What about the ABOUT? How to write your “About” page in 6 points

Is this the page that will help you write your “About” page properly this time? It just might be. We have established essential 6 points, based on a reading of a fair number of "Abouts". Leave your keyboard for a second, and read about before writing.

1. State your business
This is no brainer. You would think. How many times have you stumbled on the “About” page that walks you through the entire company’s history from the baby steps and the first little shop that started it all? While the origin story is the writer’s favorite, you have to remember who is clicking the page. The Visitor. The Visitor is there primarily for the nutshell info. So, like in every good manner introduction, start with your name and clear mission statement.   
2. Point out you milestones
And here comes the history. But remember that the “About” page is probably the first contact. You are building an impression at each word. You are doing fine if you mention your milestones to give a visitor a general overview. Point out the most significant milestones you have reached. But, don’t overdo it. Restrain your history. Save something for the next talk.
3. Don’t brag. Just be honest
Choose your adjectives and other attributes with care. Present your business philosophy honestly and with passion. Before writing it, ask/answer yourself 3 questions – where am I coming from / where am I / where am I going? Show how you evolved. How your business is growing. If you are a starter, tell the reader how you came up with your business mission and idea. And finish it with a vision. And with passion.    
4. Present the Challenge
Every company starts with a big challenge. Why did you start all of it? What market challenge are you trying to overcome? How did you come up with the idea you are implementing with your work? This will give a reader a sense of understanding immediately and possibly the chance to identify immediately with you or your product.
5. Illustrate your customer
In order to identify with someone or something, sometimes you need to speak out loud about it. This is the perfect place to clear that out. Care for your customer. Speak about them, and why this specific group is the one you are interested in the most. Care, but be careful. Don’t spill everything out in the “About” page. You want them to stay on your website longer.
6. Share the values
Never forget the people. You are here for them. It is always about people. Show them your core values, and don’t be afraid to write it from the bottom of your heart if necessary. Share what you believe in. This is very important if you want to establish a good connection. Treat your customers like a good friend or neighbor. This will give a perspective for a new business friendship in the future. Besides, don’t forget about future employees as well. The “About” page will definitely be one of the first things they will browse about you.

In the end, it would be great to share the information from these 6 points, but the real recipe for your best “About” page is only in your hands. The great story is the one you enjoy writing. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Let your “About” page to reflect your personality. Ok. Now you have it. With the 6 points in your mind and passion for your idea, it’s about time to write something about.


Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash


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