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Aug, 2023

The Three Little Pigs VS Energy Efficiency: The Power of Storytelling

Sit back, relax, and let us tell you a story about three little pigs and how they influenced an energy-efficient mindset in their local community. Wait, WHAT!?

Once upon a time, a powerful ancient force was awakened in the world of marketing. A force so mystical and all-mighty that it captivated audiences and influenced their hearts and minds like no other. This force was none other than the art of storytelling. Just as fables and fairy tales have enchanted generations, businesses and marketers have been utilizing storytelling to connect with their audiences and inspire action. Through the use of relatable characters, compelling plotlines, and emotional triggers, storytelling has become a valuable asset in building brand identity and driving customer engagement. In this blog post, we will explore the magic behind storytelling in marketing and how it can help businesses create a lasting impact. 


The Three Little Pigs is a timeless fable that has entertained and taught lessons to generations of children. However, it's not just for kids! In fact, the story of the three little pigs proved to be an excellent tool for engaging the community in a program that promotes energy-efficient housing.

The program aimed to provide subsidies for homeowners who make energy-efficient home upgrades. For this dry topic, we needed a way to capture people's attention and motivate them to take action. We created a short 5-episode series featuring the three little pigs and their quest to build homes resilient to external factors. We highlighted the benefits of energy-efficient homes by drawing parallels to the pigs' struggle to save their home budget from the big bad wolf. "Build your home like the third little pig" was the message emphasizing the importance of making smart, long-lasting investments in your home.

The entire series is written in limericks. We follow the storyline about three little pigs who set out to build their homes. The third pig suggests they talk to the forest administration for subsidies on insulation and good windows. The first and second pigs brush off his suggestion and continue to build their homes hastily. Naturally, within the next 5 episodes, and various funny catches, verses, and episode cliffhangers, the audience is introduced to this super dry topic and the benefits of energy-efficient housing with call-to-action after each episode. 

The response was overwhelming. The story of the three little pigs effectively conveyed the message of energy efficiency in a fun and memorable way. The program saw a significant increase in applications, and we received a lot of positive feedback from the community.

Moral of the Story

Overall, this experience showed us the power of storytelling in marketing and how it can be used to communicate complex ideas relatable and engagingly. By tapping into a classic fable that people already knew and loved, we were able to make our message resonate with our audience and ultimately act in terms of energy-efficient housing. 
Next time you want to approach an audience, ask yourself: What would the third pig do?


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