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Jul, 2020

Private aviation needs (NO) digital branding

A luxury industry like private aviation doesn't have a great audience. It is a luxurious service for a few living on this Globe. So, why would an industry like that need an Instagram profile? There is no need for something like that. Is there?

Well, this would probably be right if you were running private aviation in the 80s or 90s. Digital branding will make the difference between private aviation brands that transition gracefully into the 21st century, and those that fall by the wayside. There’s a generational gap in consumer behavior surrounding luxury brands at the moment. Millennials Generation Z doesn’t buy based on brand loyalty, and no private aviation brand has mastered an approach to bringing them on board yet.

Millennial consumers like to see:

  • Eco-conscious brands that have a larger mission than the product they deliver
  • Digital-savvy brands that know how to create personalized offerings, experiences, and messages
  • An interactive brand with human faces through new digital media
  • Experience-driven services rather than a traditional luxury product
  • So, what can you do for these annoying Millennials in the private aviation industry?

Start and update your content marketing with Podcasts and Blogs

Podcasts and blogs may be one of the biggest sources of untapped potential for luxury brands of all time. Many people tell entrepreneurs they should build their brand around their personality, whether that’s highly organized and professional, or a little bit edgy and humorous. There are numerous suggestions from endless voices on how to do this. However, the easiest way for a brand to reflect your personality is to host a podcast or appear as a guest. Hosting a podcast, by its very nature, lets you be hospitable, knowledgeable, and confident. It gives your brand not just a voice, but a whole conversation that can be used to build community within your own company, and with your larger audience. Podcast audiences don’t just talk back to the host, they talk to each other. Developing a digital community with this medium could well be one of the most powerful opportunities available on the market today. It’s fun to listen to passionate people speak. When you get an opportunity to talk about private aviation and the vision for your company, you’ll naturally attract an audience.

Green branding in private aviation

Consumer surveys have revealed that Millennials will choose a brand with an eco-conscious dimension over those that do not. You can choose any element that works with this. Maybe it’s your sustainable water system onboard. Maybe it’s your new green-tech jet available for booking. You can offer to donate a portion of prices to environmental protection or technological research if a consumer asks for it. Knowing it’s a priority for these target demographics gives you information to work with, and branding USPs that have nothing to do with prices.

Personalization of a luxury experience

Digital tools make personalization easier than it has ever been in the past. You can track where customers are in your funnel in detail, and craft custom offerings and messaging to persuade people and move them where you want them to be. This lets you deliver Millennial and Gen. Z flyers the type of personalized messaging they like to see.

The Importance of Digital Branding for Private Aviation

If you pay attention to travel-oriented brands that exploded in the digital space, you will notice their marketing is oriented around experiences rather than products. Build out the experience of flying with your brand, and envision it from start to finish. Think about how people arrive at the airport, and what the first thing they see is when they board the plane.
Think about social media, and take some design cues from hostels and luxury hotels that have designed their spaces for viral moments on Instagram, Snapchat, and other opportunities in this digital space to make your brand synonymous with an unforgettable experience. You’ll get an incredible amount of branding mileage out of highly visual moments that work well for video and photos on social media.


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