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Mar, 2022

Marketing vs Sales Leads - Let’s make it clear once and for all!

Marketing leads and sales leads are two terms which are frequently confused, despite the fact that they serve two different purposes. So, let's dig a little bit deeper to better understand the difference between these two kinds of leads.

To begin to differentiate these leads, one thing must be made abundantly clear: marketing isn’t a synonym for sales! However, it is an important part of it. It is crucial that marketing and sales work parallel to each other. Marketing plays a role of making a product or service visible to the world, while sales is the process of closing a deal and getting the agreement signed.

Upon further examination, you will find that marketing is all about telling a story. For example, social media posts are a great way to develop and advertise the company’s name or product. This leads to the next step where the magic really happens: CONVERSION. Conversion is the "glue" that holds your online content together and encourages visitors to take action. The most basic way to define the value of your conversions is by the number of people who take action after they read or watch your material (blog, video, articles, etc.).

Promotional content should focus on allowing potential clients to understand what the company has to offer. For starters, content must take care to maintain the brand’s reputation. It is also very important to ensure the platform suits your brand. Paid ads can get the attention you need if you know how to properly channel them. Marketers engage potential and present consumers / clients, enhancing the brand's visibility so that it attracts the "proper" individuals - those most inclined to buy.

Sales works hand in hand with marketing and is where your business becomes real for the client. It is where the stories and brand come to life. This is when a client actually makes a payment in exchange for your product or services. While marketing focuses more on getting the attention of the consumer or client, sales is more preoccupied with the bottom line. Sales is all about closing the deal; completing all of the actions that necessary finalize the purchase.

Both marketing and sales are vital to any company's success. You can't get by without one or the other. You will achieve sustainable business development if you can strategically blend sales and marketing. However, if efforts are weak or segments are disconnected, company development will be limited.

Marketing efforts should include strategies for controlling your distribution and encouraging your customers to believe that you are in business for them. Communication is what prepares the buyer's eye for the sale. Publicity, public relations, social media, relationship marketing, branding, viral, and direct mail are all marketing possibilities. Personal interaction and maintaining relationships is at the heart of the sales process, which is typically accomplished through meetings, video calls, and interaction. Is your communication strategy ready?


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