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May, 2020

Local Market is out! A new POSH product is supporting local farmers

We have developed a regional web platform to back up and aid the local community of farmers and local food manufacturers allowing them to create a simple and free their own digital counter, boosting up their business additionally in the COVID-19 crisis.

Coronavirus has struck the entire world. While we deal with health challenges worldwide, entire economies are facing deadlocks. The greatest threat is for small business owners, and this goes double when we talk about local food farmers. Food markets are being closed, and their main sales channel is shut. And here lies a reason for something like the Local Market. More than ever we are directed at each other, families, neighbors, acquaintances.
We wanted to provide a digital opportunity for producers and consumers to interact, with a quick and easy search engine of desired products from one large region in Serbia (Branicevo-Podunavlje)! The product is simple – local farmers can apply for their place in a matter of minutes so that consumers find their offer in a matter of seconds.

Earn while you spend!

The idea is not crisis-related only. We wanted to create something with a deeper message. Something that will help the community in a broader sense. The big goal of the initiative is to encourage the purchase of local products, through free advertising of producers on the platform, intensive promotional campaigns on the Internet, social networks, and local media, which will inform and animate residents to contact producers and reach desired products. The key message is to shop locally, where your money stays in your community, boosting local economies and infrastructures. The platform will continue to grow beyond COVID-19, and help the local economy and small food producers, providing them with digital tool and new business perspectives. We teamed up for this non-profit initiative with the Regional Development Agency "Branicevo-Podunavlje" and the NGO "Pro.Tok21", and with the support of cities and municipalities from the region.

Bring Local Market to your hometown

If you would like to help your community and local farmers, you can open your very own Local Market right now and completely free. We are encouraging you to contact us and set up free of charge the Local Market web platform and open up one in your hometown or region.


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