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Mar, 2020

Is there a Coronavirus cure for your business?

Amid Coronavirus attack, while washing your hand for the 15th time today, you have probably asked yourself this question more than 15 times. How to survive COVID19 health-wise and business-wise? Is there something you can do? You are probably considering cutting loose marketing activities during the crisis. It looks like this is the sane thing to do. But is it? Let us share with you one story. It might help.

Garland's story

Meet Garland Davidson, a barista from Seattle. A true caffe latte master. Two years ago, Garland decided to turn his life completely around. He was 36, working in a coffee shop for a decade, and riding the S.L.U.T. for as long as he can remember. Garland was quite an athlete in his youth. His favorite discipline was steeplechase. But, how it goes with life, we, unfortunately, quit our passions. Garland started working and building bad habits and lifestyle. Garland was never an eater, so his daily menu consisted mainly of coffee and cigars. Everyone wanted a coffee from that “skinny barista“. But, while Garland's coffee was great, his health wasn't. The doctor warned him that he's pushing the limits to become anemic. Garland had to change his style. He started reading about diets and nutrition and working his way out step by step. His meals became larger and healthier. He also got back to his young passion – running. He ran his first marathon race on his 37th birthday. Good and hearty meals were regular on his new menu. Garland even quit smoking. Everything was just the way it should be for Garland. Until March 2020 that is. Coronavirus has hit everything and everyone like a bomb. Garland too. His coffee shop is closed and Garland is out of work for now.

What would you do in Garland's situation? Should he reduce his nutrition and new healthy lifestyle, due to his job loss? Or stop with all activities and go fully to isolation, hoping for best?

Don’t stop or you’ll definitely drop
Now, let’s envision your business like Garland. He has brought his life on the right track with a healthy style and an upgrade of his immune system. One of our main defenses against Coronavirus is our immune system. This is why kids mostly are not having any problem with COVID-19. Their immune system is strong and even if they get sick, the most probable outcome is that they will not have any problem overcoming it. Keeping your immune system strong is the best thing you can do in this health crisis. Failing it with a bad diet and lifestyle, you are putting yourself even more to risk. Fighting against Coronavirus with a good immune system is very important. Malnutrition and an unstable diet will cause more problems, putting your immune system down and your health in the Coronavirus danger zone

When in crisis, change your drive  

Back on question number one, where we started. Is there a Coronavirus cure for your business? No easy answer, but there is a strategy you can take on preventing fatal consequences. Imagine your marketing as an immune system of your business. You have to make it forceful. Fasting and stagnation will definitely not help you. You can live only with just coffee, but for how much longer? You can stop all of your physical activities, but long term you are doing more damage to your body and health. The bottom line, if you want your business to overcome this worldwide crisis, don't stop your marketing activities. Change, adapt them and continue to build your immune system if you want to survive. New terms demand new creativity and strategy. Isolate yourself from gatherings and company, but do not isolate yourself totally. The goal is to turn your brand into one mean virus-fighting machine. There’s a whole digital world out there, with more than a few possibilities for keeping your business immune system strong and prepared for the next day.

The next day

March 19th was the first day in China without new Coronavirus patients. And this was the day Garland started his video tutorials on making a perfect housemade coffee. He also continued to workout inside his flat, preparing himself for his first Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon Series in June. 

Stay healthy, adapt and live. Be like Garland and fight!

Photo by Captionery on Unsplash


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