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Mar, 2020

Corona is wracking havoc worldwide and marketing wide

Media investments forecast were grand, but no pandemia was included. The outbreak of COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus, is challenging modern society and brings an uncommon test for the digital age.

The year 2020 opened with strong and positive predictions for marketing offline and online. The coming of big global events like the Tokyo Olympics and boost of the e-commerce market guaranteed the overall prosperous year.

Coronavirus is changing business landscapes as we speak, wracking havoc from travel, hospitality, public events and investment industries. It hits hard, pulling industries from advertisement and marketing. The e-commerce advertising is down to 6% less on Amazon for example, from last year, according to a Quartile Digital analysis cited in Bloomberg.

Microsoft and Apple have begun to issue warnings that coronavirus could impact their sales outlook for 2020, and Facebook on Thursday announced the cancellation of its closely watched F8 conference. The hope for summer is there since the Olympics 2020 is coming, but we are about to see the effect the situation will bring for summer marketing activities.

Digital marketing is the place we can expect the majority of the advertising budget to be allocated. But we will see what happens with e-commerce, considering the bulk of products are coming from China.

This is sure 2020 we didn’t predict and the outcome is yet to come.


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