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Feb, 2019

2020 Marketing Heads Up - The 5 tracks to pass the jungle ahead

The marketing jungle is getting ticker and ticker as we speak. You don't want to miss the signs. We are tracking the footsteps of the trends that will continue to grow in 2020 but also nodding to those that are going to pop and change the landscape.

No matter what industry you are coming from, you should always be prepared to go deep expanding your options and possibilities. Grabbing the right information and insights is the way to pave your road and enter the competition with confidence and knowledge. Coming from our clients and world marketing leaders, we've come up with this 2020 marketing trends list. This is where you start. After, you explore. And don't forget to have some fun too along the way.

Instagram, Instagram! - Stories have changed the whole perspective. They are rapidly consuming all the attention and engagement. This is definitely the Millenials court, and if you want to play with them, you have to go full Instagram. 

TikTok, anybody home? - Instagram leads, but TikTok is the new decade social. Young is in constant search of the next social platform. Coming strong in Asia, something tells us you need to keep your eyes and be ready. Time is TikToking away!

Just shoot me! - Video dominates content everywhere. It will continue to grow in 2020. The production costs are dropping and the technology is becoming more and more affordable. Hint: go for the shorts. The short videos as seen in TikTok and Instagram are in demand.  

Get personal - Customer service is becoming more personal. People need a reliable consultant, a guide even. Be really out there for your customers. Developing personalized AI automation/chatbots for your website or socials is also a good idea to consider.

All hail E-commerce! - No brainer here. E-commerce has conquered the world. Social networks are opening for users more. In 2020 they will make brands consider UX as their first world concern.


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